¿Qué es BiciQuito?

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Affiliates is very easy, just follow these steps:

1. www.biciquito.gob.ec enters and fills the form found on the registration link. If you do not have internet access you can apply at any station BiciQuito the registration form.

2. At the station closest to you, delivery requirements that are specified at the end of the form.

3. In just 72 hours after delivery of the requirements, expect a call or an email of approval.

4. Come to any of the Administrative Offices BiciQuito, one located in N33-299 Av. Amazonas  and Inglaterra, Edif. Valderrama  to  take a picture and sign the contract for good use of bicycles. Receive at the same time the built BiciQuito your photo card with the best smile.

5. With your card you can approach BiciQuito any station. Here an operator will give you a bike to transport you quickly and efficiently while enjoying the beautiful city we live.


Agencia Metropolitana de Tránsito
Oficina Matriz:
El Telégrafo E7-58 y El Porvenir
Quito Pichincha
(593-2) 3952300
1800 - AMT  AMT(268268)