¿Qué es BiciQuito?

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The bicycle is a vehicle and, therefore, have the right to move down the street as another vehicle, however attempts to use the cycle paths marked by the Municipality.

Respect road signs to avoid accidents. RIDING not the other way, if you use the sidewalk, get off the bike.

Always keep your hands on the handlebars, if you're going to make you stop and hand signals, use the rear brake (right side of the handlebars).

Avoid weaving, this includes the spaces between parked cars because cars could not see you when you sit down again to one lane.

When reminded that vehicles parked overtopping the doors can be opened.

For your safety at traffic lights, Get situated in front of the car for drivers see you.

Sets constant eye contact with motorists and pedestrians, and uses the bicycle bell to get their attention.

Always exceeds the left, or wait to start the car again.

Stay tuned for sewers, potholes or other obstacles that could cause you to fall.

Remember that large vehicles do not see you when you put in your rear window. Never put yourself in these blind spots.

Use hand signals with your left arm. Extend your left arm if you turn to that side. Put your arm at 90 degrees up if you turn right and make a 90 degree angle down if you stop. For your safety, keep your right hand on the wheel because that side is usually located on the rear wheel brake

In lower light conditions, cloudy days and at night become visible using light-colored clothing or flashy and / or reflective badges.


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