¿Qué es BiciQuito?

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The card and the bicycle assigned are personal and not transferable.

May carry only one person per bicycle.

No other bike can be removed if they have not spent at least 10 minutes since the last order.

The service is available only for 18 years. Persons aged 16 and 17 can access the system if they request accompanied by their legal representative, who will sign the contract.

Users have the right to use the bike for 45 minutes allotted, from its reception in one of the stations. After the deadline is violated in a foul. The offenses are punishable by time constraints of system use. But you must not fail, because if the fault persists, the system will give low and no longer able to access the service until the time of validity of the card

Leave the bike at the station closest to your destination and make sure the operator record that returned it in good condition.

Never leave your bike on the street.

We suggest you use a helmet, reflective tape and choose the safest routes. The City has created and continues implementing secure networks by cicloviales recommend you teleport.

We ask that you not use the bike outside the authorized area. It is forbidden to BiciQ on the perimeter of the area indicated on the attached map and beyond, it is exposed to legal sanctions.

To receive and deliver the bike, you are responsible for ensuring good transport conditions. Should you find defects can request another bicycle operator.

Remember: You can not stay with the bike more than 45 minutes of free use, if you do, as a precautionary measure BiciQ card is blocked and you can not access the service.



Agencia Metropolitana de Tránsito
Oficina Matriz:
El Telégrafo E7-58 y El Porvenir
Quito Pichincha
(593-2) 3952300
1800 - AMT  AMT(268268)