¿Qué es BiciQuito?

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Quiteños and Quiteñas now we have an economical and ecological alternative to transport in the city: Public Bicycle Quito "BiciQuito".

Taking advantage of successful experiences in other countries, the Metropolitan District of Quito decided to offer its citizens and visitors of a bicycle hire at low cost, commonly referred to as public bicycles to promote everyday cycling.

Our system consists of 425 bicycles at 25 stations distributed BiciQuito strategically located in places near the busiest points, attraction or commercial interest, bank, tourist or student.

BiciQuito gives us a complementary service is quick and easy transportation for short trips within the city limits located between North Station Trolley at The Y, to the Plaza de Santo Domingo in the Historic Center.

Currently, about four thousand demonstrations are performed daily by bicycle in Quito. You also you can join the ever growing group that advocates the use of a convenient transportation, environmental, convenient and sustainable.


Agencia Metropolitana de Tránsito
Oficina Matriz:
El Telégrafo E7-58 y El Porvenir
Quito Pichincha
(593-2) 3952300
1800 - AMT  AMT(268268)